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you love the container store

i have found that once you start buying bins you fill them all up with stuff. less bins equals less stuff.  i know you will say to me  "but andrea, the bins look so pretty. yes, but a house with less stuff where the things you love are on display and you can find whatever you are look for right when you look for it. and you begin to buy less. the end result is always saved time, money and headaches. so instead look around you and figure out how to rework what you already have to organize stuff.
when i work with my client i like to first edit out all that is not needed, used or wanted first. very rarely do i find myself needing to buy things.  i work with the lay out of the room and the space to organize what you have. i am also a  big believer in displaying what you have. you are more apt to use it if you see it. now for some that is too difficult a task and so additional help is needed...aka hiring a professional organizer. recently i redid a closet for two expectant moms. they had a pretty house, pretty clothes and a closet stuffed and messy. as a gift, i asked to organize their closet. not only did it look pretty but you could see what their patterns were for more black shirts ladies. not only did it look good but it made easier for them to pick out their outfits for the day. and as new moms, time with the baby is way more important then tying to find something to wear.
now for some this step can be challenging. you have lived in a home for so long that you can't see it differently than how you have had it all those years. and that is the beauty of being a professional organizer. we can come and help get you started. once that spark sets, the clients start to look at their entire living situation and begin to change that up as well. in time, it can be quire an inspiring/motivating process.

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