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5/5/2014 (Katherine)
We hired Andrea to help us optimize the storage in our San Francisco house. We are built into a hill and have very little extra storage, and needed some help making the best use of the space we have. Also we needed help in keeping up with all of our second grader's toys, books and school projects! In two days, Andrea and her assistant made a huge difference for us! Our garage is spotless now, and we feel like we are making the best use of what we have. (We even have an empty shelf or two now) She helped us figure out what could go to Goodwill, and even took it there herself!! The best thing was how she re-organized our daughter's room. She included our daughter in the process, and helped her make some wise decisions on what to keep and what to let go. What had been a painful process for our daughter became fun, and she loves her room now. It felt really good to have someone outside the family help her with letting go of some things that she no longer needed. Our daughter is happier, and she enjoys keeping her room organized now. We are really glad that we were able to start teaching her about how to manage her things and her space now, as it is such an important life skill. Thank you Andrea!

4/30/2014 (Maura)
I found Andrea on Yelp after feeling overwhelmed about needing to organize my home.  Nothing had a specific place that was easy, clear and accessible - and so things just ended up everywhere in various piles around the apartment.
Andrea was so quick to respond - she actually came by for an initial consultation the next day!  After our consultation and walk through, Andrea sent me a list of items that might be helpful to purchase for our big organization day.  Andrea and Nicole came over from 10am-3pm and basically took everything out of every cabinet in the kitchen and then reorganized it in a way that made sense for cooking and putting away dishes.  Actually since that time, I've been really diligent about putting everything away in its proper place.
They also organized our bedroom closet, drawers and storage closet with big clear bins and drawer dividers - and put things together that made sense.  Everything is easy to find and easy to put away.  We also donated and purged a TON of stuff (which felt so great!) and Andrea scheduled a service to come pick everything up - free of charge to us.  
Just a bonus: I really enjoyed talking with Andrea and Nicole throughout the day. I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone who feels "stuck" and can't get organized.

3/25/2014 (Susie)
Our garage has been a source of pain since we bought our house 12 years ago!  Since it is too small to fit our car, it quickly became a dumping ground.  I'd clear it out, and within a year (or less), it was all back.  I decided enough was enough and called in the expert.  Andrea.  What a difference a day makes.  My garage is so pristine right now, it brings a tear to my eye.  A huge thanks to Andrea and her assistant, Nicoll.  Together they tackled it handily.  They are professional, efficient and...well...charming!  It would have taken me days (and a few temper tantrums) to do what they did in about 5 hours.
Honestly, just hire them -- like me, you'll wonder why you waited so long!

8/1/2013 (Heidi)
Andrea has been a God Sent to me!   She totally calmed me down and got me organized to the point where i can breathe again.  Her non-judgmental, lovely manner is what i needed to go forward.  She plowed away, and took no breaks - she's really remarkable.  
I recommend her to anyone who needs organization or is moving.  She unpacked 40 boxes and put everything in its place in a  time frame that would of taken me 8 times as long - she actually made this "moving" experience Very Pleasant!!   Andrea keep being your amazing self.  I am so grateful I found you!

7/18/2013 (Ellen)
Andrea is amazing. She has helped me organize my garage, home office, kids' playroom (not to mention all the other kids' toys and books that were floating around the house). Andrea made a seemingly daunting, overwhelming task easy and (dare I say) pleasant. Andrea is friendly and warm but definitely knows how to get things done. I highly recommend her for all your organizational needs.

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